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Truly Top-Notch

Custom jewelry is a uniquely designed piece of art work to express one’s love and personal creativity, our goal is to tailor the jewelry to your satisfaction. All jewelry is unique and hand crafted, which makes it a great gift to show “Your Signature of Fine Art & Love.” When it comes to making a custom piece in most cases we set aside a scheduled private appointment to maximize the communication for the complex details it take to create a custom piece form concept to finish. True custom jewelry starts with your ideas that stem into a sketch or a CAD rendering. After we seek your approval we then carve the wax by hand or have our CAM machine carve it out. Then we welcome you back to view the wax prototype for a second approval. The Next step consists of the wax prototype design being weighed for the correct amount of material: Platinum, white gold, yellow gold, rose gold; 18kt or 14kt. Next comes spruing and investing. Spruing consists of the wax prototype being attached to the rubber button. The button is then attached to a cylindrical tube called a flask for the next stage, which is investing. During the investing stage an impression of the wax model is created and left to sit overnight. After the investment has hardened it is entered into an oven for the wax burnout. Based on piece size and materials chosen, the time for this step will vary. On average, 2 to 3 hours will suffice for effective burnout process. Upon completion of burnout, the flask is removed with tongs and inserted into a centrifugal forced tube. The proper metal is applied for smelting, cleaning and casting. The tube uses centrifugal casting force to impress the liquid metals on the burnt out wax prototype. When the centrifugal spin is complete, rather then quenching and immersing immediately into the water, which hardens or shuns metals, we use a cooling time of one hour. Then, the precious metal pieces are dug out of the flask with water to dissolve the investment. The piece is then clipped off the spru and dropped into acid to remove the fire scale from casting. Finally, we start cleaning, polishing, and setting. Time will vary depending on complexity and detail of the client's project. Customizing is our specialty at Jeweler By Design Custom. All work is done on the premises and same-day repair is available every day for our clients’ convenience. Master Jeweler, Goldsmith and Designers are always on studio premises during business hours, therefore our clients will never have to deal with any sales personnel. All of our clients have the opportunity to deal only with the jewelers and designers to maximize communication and end result.

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