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"Making Metals Into Masterpieces"

Clients create ideas or pictures for their jewelry. JBD is always willing to assist when needed during this process.

The concept is then carved into a wax prototype. During this step, if the client desires any stones, they are fitted to accommodate the custom piece.

JDB will seek the approval of the client.

In the next step, the wax prototype is weighed for the correct amount of material: Platinum, White Gold, Yellow Gold, Rose Gold: 18kt or 14kt. Next are spruing, investing; Spruing consist of the wax prototype being attached to the rubber button. The button is then attached to a cylindrical tube called a flask for the next stage, which is investing. During the investing stage an impression of the wax model is created and left to sit overnight.

Upon completion in the burnout oven, the flask is now removed with tongs and inserted into a centrifugal force tub. Now the proper metal is applied for smelting, cleaning, and casting.The tube uses centrifugal casting force to impress the liquid metals on the burnt out wax prototype. 

When the centrifugal spin is complete, rather than quenching and immersing immediately into the water, which hardens or shuns materials, JBD Custom recomends using tongs to remove and set aside for cooling. For best results JBD uses a cooling time of one hour.

Next the precious metal pieces are dug out of the flask with water to desolve the investment. Then the piece is clipped off the spur and dropped into acid to remove the fire scales from casting. Finally the jeweler starts cleaning,polishing, and setting. Time will vary depending on complexity of the clients project.

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